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Apply For Duplicate MarkSheet
Field's marked with * are mandatory
Enrollment Number*
Date of Birth(DD/MM/YYYY)*
Note:- 1.Only Students enrolled after year 2012 should Apply.
            2.Student enrolled before year 2012 have to apply directly to MPNRC, Bhopal.
            3.After Appling hard copies of following documents (along with original) have to be submitted to MPNRC, Bhopal.
            4.Covering Letter on Institute letter head.
            5.Affidavit by student on Rs.100 Stamp .
            6.Police Complaint.
            7.Notice of New Paper (Full page of Advertisement).
            8.Previous Mark sheet photo copy.
            9.Candidate have to verify their Original Documents.
            10.All documents must be attested by principal of the Institute.